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How NetROC Works

Our mission is to empower students by providing a toolkit for having their voices heard and connecting with scientists advanced on their path. We bring together extraordinary scholars and emerging scientists to create networks that work for the changing faces of the STEM workforce.

How NetROC works: 

Scientist in lab drops liquid into glass beaker next to microscope


Book the Speaker

Choose the NetROC Ambassador that meets your group’s interest.


Build the Skills

Meet with our Communication Coach to help your group bring their most authentic selves.

Four students In a Meeting with their Communication Coach
5 students watch a talk on the computer


Learn the Science

Get together and watch the pre-recorded Research Talk with your group.


Engage the Scientist

Attend a Networking Session with your chosen NetROC Ambassador.

Four students laugh during their networking meeting

Ready to get started?

Book your NetROC session today:

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